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If we can make it there.

We are a week away from two of us packing our small amount of luggage and heading to New York to attend the The Philip. K. Dick Film Festival. Our short film They're Made out of Meat has gone around the world a little bit over the last 6 months. We screened it in Torquay, Dublin, in South Atlanta and now New York. 

We'll post some pictures and a few words here during and after stay. In the meantime start spreading the news we're leaving (almost) today. We want to be a part of it...

We made it to New York and took a stroll around the Lower East Side. One of us, a Welshman had to go the White Hart, famous for being one of the last haunts of Dylan Thomas. Up early in the morning editing a short film we have been commissioned to write about Men and their communication with other men.

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