In the faded beauty of the house of his ancestors, a man waits for the return of the love of his life Exploring love, grief and memory in a cinematographically haunting short, filmed on location in the surroundings of Lupton House and Devon.
Baobab did a fantastic job in bringing to life an iconic character, the festival's namesake, and tying together threads that had only been loosely conceived in previous years. Jane Brady, co-founder, The Bioregional Learning Centre
Get Gary
"Fascinating discussion about gender, language, difference, similarities between men and women and how they interpret the world. " Dinah Mears
Heartwood Counselling and Psychotherapy
Ghost Whisperers
“Fantastic. They got everybody involved without people knowing. People are still talking about that night and arguing about what was real and what wasn’t.”Joss Webber
Event Promoter & Producer The Pigs Nose
They're made out of Meat
This short film based upon a script by the celebrated SciFi author Terry Bisson tells the story of two aliens in human form coming to terms with the human condition.
Lupton House
Lupton House Holistic Festival 2017. Now in its second year this vibrant, fun festival has something for everyone. Keep an open mind...
Peter Grimes
This short sequence was commissioned for Britten's opera Peter Grimes as part of a quadriptych for the four interludes. Dawn follows first light, sweeping through desolate landscapes and empty villages to return to a sea the foreshadows the storm to come.
Ways With Words
Ways with Words is a national literary festival featuring famous authors and speakers from around the world. Our short film follows a young woman searching for her story.
What happens when personal tragedy hits amidst a well established midlife crises? Three wholly incompatible friends find themselves adrift and at odds with a postmodernist god in this ridiculous and hilarious homage to Ulysses and every trope in the book
The Rotherfold Bull
The result was transformative in every sense. Hundreds of locals & visitors enjoyed the riotous performances on the square. The production played a key role in fundraising, helping us secure £100k+. JONATHAN LEE, ROTHERFOLD IMPROVEMENT GROUP.
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