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★★★★ Brilliantly effective… these guys are not beginners. Short Film Reviews

Flies climbs into the psyche of one person, and, watching it I was never sure where it was going to go.

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★★★★ It provides an emotional viewing experience and deserves a lot of praise. UK FILM REVIEW

In the faded beauty of the house of his ancestors, a man waits for the return of the love of his life. Dark fantasies and crushing reality weave a dangerous journey as a struggle unfolds for his mind and ultimately his life. 
“Flies don’t come back so who cares about flies?” 
Baobab Theatre and Film explore love, grief and memory in a cinematographically haunting short, filmed on location in Devon, UK.

"Pieces of paper float down to the wooden floor in a dark hallway. A man in a dressing gown walks past, then the papers flutter back up towards the ceiling. We’re in a strange place, if not a mad one...there’s more filmmaking flair here than most specialist directors muster..." Short Films Review

The absurdity and despair of grief played out in Baobab’s award-winning Flies...


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